Danger Boy

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Smell my feet Dad.

The Husband can be a clever and resourceful git sometimes.  In a moment of sheer genius he managed to wedge an inhaler spacer (don't worry it's a spare) behind the window handle thus meaning he is now unable, much to his protestations, to open the bedroom window.  It was one thing sitting on the window sill staring out the closed window at the world passing by but quite another when he does it with the window open and then insisted on pushing the boundaries of danger further still (and with it the brittle boundaries of my tolerance) by standing on the window sill with the window open and occasionally attempting to sit in the small gap of the open window.  Of course i tried to discuss this with the wee chap and relayed the dangers and exactly why I really didn't think it was a wise thing to be doing yet he simply insisted on doing it again and again and again.  Seeing as neither asking nor offering compromise worked I resorted to ceasing to ask and implore and commenced ordering him to stop which then progressed into me physically removing him to which he retaliated with a full force tantrum. Oh how my head hurts.

Not to be too foiled, he has accepted the opening of the window is now beyond his capabilities and has now settled on just climbing, standing and walking along window sills (did you hear that sound?  That is the sound of my nerves fraying) before quite literally launching himself off the bloody thing onto the bed.  Unfortunately there is no bed downstairs and this exhausting activity has made him a tad clumsy, I'm exhausted just watching him.  We've never had such a climber before.  He literally climbs anything and everything.

Is it bedtime yet? .... please?


  1. Theakston's just hitting this phase. He's discovered his window in his room and it has a futon under it and I walked in the other night to him stood on the back of the futon banging on the glass. God knows what passers by must think! He has an obsession with 'being a cat' and crawling along the back of the couch which then developed into standing on the couch and hanging onto the dvd wall unit. The joys!

  2. I must admit that was my thought too, what will the passers by think?! with The Toddler leaning near an open (albeit marginally) window, waving and shouting happily.


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