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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Taking advantage of the lack of rain yesterday, The Toddler and accompanied The Husband with Thing One and Thing Two on the school run today then did the two mile round trip for some shopping only to have to set out yet again to deliver Thing Two's packed lunch to school seeing as we had run out of bread pre-shopping, oops.  Although the thought of Thing Two professing that she has no lunch as 'we have no food' is amusing in a mortifying sort of way. Due to a sore shoulder resultant of contorted positions whilst feeding the toddler all night long The Husband wore The Toddler for a nice change whilst I annoyed him greatly by insisting on taking lots of pictures.

I made some sweet and salty peanut biscuits today despite the fact that none of us actually like nutty biscuits, yet the desire to bake them was there all the same despite The Husbands growing frustration at all the extra pots it creates for him to wash, I do fear he's becoming a tad exasperated in a way. However, The Grandparents were very grateful when I palmed the biscuits off on them. gifted the biscuits to them.

Thing Two had his Special Day with The Grandparents yesterday and I received a phone call from The Mother o'mine to ask if he could possibly have anything else to eat as he was awfully hungry despite having two burgers, four chicken nuggets, fries, a chocolate cake, fruit bag and a pack of Rolo's knowing that he has hollow legs and we limit what he eats as he really would eat and eat and eat.  I asked to speak to Thing One and when I gently told him he'd had more then enough (far more then I'd ever have allowed) he proceeded to burst into tears wailing down the phone line 'i'm so so hungry mum!' gulp.  I swear that child has hollow legs.  They match his sometimes vacuous brain at times, take for instance him losing his book bag (again).

Thing Two came out of school with four, yes four, stickers taped to her dress and two prizes.  Apparently she wrote two awfully good stories and even had to go into the nursery class and a year 2 class (she's in Reception) to show other teachers and have them read them out in front of their classes.

After a 6 months drought in reading which is quite extraordinary for me seeing as I usually average 80-150 books a year (yes books, I like real paper books) I finally have found my reading mojo and have read two and a half novels in as many days.  I don't know if I should be amused or ashamed that it's the notoriously popular '50 shades of grey' trilogy that has broke the literary starvation.


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