Crocodiles & Princess'

Monday, 14 May 2012

This week Thing Two is having her special day at The Grandparents today rather then her usual Tuesday due to The Mother having an appointment at Christies tomorrow.  I love how Thing Two always phones me when she gets there for a chat and to let me know she's arrived safely.  No doubt when I do the ritual emptying of her book bag I'll find notes and pictures to me.  She really is absurdly lovely when she wants to be.  I have a treasure trove of notelets and  things from her, it tickles my heart to know that even whilst having fun at school she still thinks about me and whilst she's at school, a mere glance at the fridge to her gifts, and it brings a smile to my lips.

I asked her over the phone what she did at school today...

Me: 'what did you do at school today?'
Thing Two: 'Played a game called princess' and crocodiles'
Me: 'Were you a princess?'
Thing Two: 'No, I was a crocodile who ate the princesses'
The Husband has been drafted by a rather bereft looking Thing One to play Kirby, The Toddler is licking farmers and throwing g's over the gate and me? .... should really think about feeding them all soon.  Oh to have a personal chef.


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