Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Okay so there are many many reasons why I love co-sleeping such as (when done properly and safely) it can reduce the risk of SIDS, makes night feedings way easier etc etc etc

But probably one of the best reasons is...

Seriously, why would anyone not want to sleep next to that? He's gorgeous, snuggly and warm.

Okay so the acrobatics and his shufflebum nature can be a pain in the arse, literally, but you also get the comedy poses to chuckle at, like random leg in the air position.

& in the midst of night and the whole house is asleep and the buzzing of your mind keeps you from slumber, the soothing lullaby of his breathing acts as a relaxant, a focus, until you finally seek sleep.

One day, if I remember i'll dedicate a picture post to our two years of co-sleeping so far, I have such sweet pictures to share.


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