Busy Day for The Toddler

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Thing One and Thing Two are sharing their weekly special day this week much to Thing Two's delight and Thing One's dismay due to The Mother whizzing off to Spain on Thursday for two weeks and they get picked up direct from school.

Today was the day of The Toddlers '2 year developmental check' with a Nursery Nurse from the Health Visiting Team.  The Toddler hasn't seen a Health Visitor or the like since he was 9 months old.

Pre her visit I had one of those rare moments of motivation, they don't visit often so I end up having to act on them before they hibernate again so The Toddler and I went into the kitchen to do some speed crafting, speed being because like me he has a fairly limited attention span so in about 40 minutes he'd painted (with dabber paints, less mess!), printed with stamps and played with dyed pasta and followed each task by predictably throwing everything on the floor when he'd finished.

The two year checks have significantly changed since Thing Two has one, for starters when Thing Two was a toddler you had to virtually hunt a Health Visitor down and pin them to get a check, with The Toddler they are doing the chasing.  I must say the review was more like a test, with a multitude of small tests that he was given, observed and then marked on.  Unfortunately The Toddler wasn't in an amenable nor performing mood, partly because it was in fact his nap time and he was blooming knackered and secondly because he's not very forgiving of strangers.  He point blank refused to do several of the tests and sat all stoic and sceptical.  Irregardless he's apparently at the developmental level of a 30 month old on most things and a 36 months old on others.  Not quite sure if he found the whole thing incredibly exhausting or simply tremendously boring but he went out like a light when I took him up to bed.  
Unfortunately (for me) the nap was remarkably short so we wasted some of the sunny afternoon with a wander to the shops that usually takes ten minutes yet took nearer thirty with his bubble blowing lawn mower.


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