Bring back the snow

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I despise the heat, there, I've said it.  I don't mind bright weather, it's just the godawful heat that is accompanying it lately.  The heat that makes every man under 40 deem it necessary to forgo wearing a t-shirt, makes people crack open cans of Stella in the morning and makes people play obnoxiously vile music at an uncouth and downright antisocial level with no care for the suffering it inflicts upon others (who have better music taste). I am repulsed by the prickly feeling of sun on my milk bottle pale flesh, the constant feeling of stickiness and never quite feeling clean, the heat induced headaches and tantrums.  It's simply vile

Not to mention my totally unfortunate wardrobe which isn't at all equipped for this weather consisting of three pairs of jeans and there winter skirts.  I have neither the money nor the figure for summer clothes and have yet to find any shorts that will not make me look like an obese skanky slapper or a frumpy old woman.  Most skirts are too short as I'm nearly 5ft 8" and have an inability to bend at the knees.  Oh and clothes have to be breastfeeding friendly.

The garden has not an iota of shade and is like a furnace, it gets the brunt of all kinds of weather.  So it's lovely and bright yet impossible to take The toddler out to enjoy it as he'd burn to a crisp in minutes and possibly get sun stroke.  Not to mention I abhor being out there when it's hot.

Anything over 19c is intolerable.  I like weather where you only need a hoody or better still just a top.   Bright is fine, a breeze is fabulous. 

Bring back the snow.

Bring back the snow.


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