Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yesterday I had the task of doing the school run, usually the husbands forte seeing as The Toddler takes forever to get to sleep at night, feeds throughout the night and often wakes too late to be ready.  I also happen to adhere to that old adage whenever possible to 'never wake a sleeping baby' more so when it's grim as all hell outside.

However I do so love the exuberance of The Children first thing in a morning, all bright eyes and bushy tailed bubbling over with excitement about the day ahead (after the initial lethargic ball ache of getting them ready for the school and out the door, with knickers on).  Sheer energy in motion. 

The Toddler lovingly waved to them from his place on my back in our faithful Wompat saying 'Woove wu'  to them as they entered class.  However what I really loved was our journey home.  We only live 5-10 minutes away from school on foot but sometimes it's nice just to slow your pace and meander, to take the time to just exhale and simply be.  The skies were blue, the air crisp and fresh and the sound of birdsong punctured the blissful silence.  The Toddler was giggling away staring full of wonder over my shoulder chatting away crooning 'wha wat?' at everything with the point of an  scrumptious wee finger, loving the pauses so he could lose himself in the different textures dragging his fingers across the dry stone wall, the moss, the twigs.  Having nowhere to be and only the two of us we had a wonderful time.  Then, through the rough we saw bluebells, such a pretty vibrant sight after the endless weeks of grey and rain.

For the first time in weeks, I felt genuinely relaxed and refreshed.


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