Aren't children grim?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Whilst sharing is to be commended and encouraged, some things should never ever be shared.

Thing Two was playing outside with her friend M. Apparantly M had hurt her knee and it was bleeding a tiny bit so Thing Two asked if I could give M a plaster.

Later, Thing Two decided she'd had enough of playing outside and wanted to come in citing that her fingers were sore (I guess they were just a tad cold) to which M piped up 'you can have my plaster if you want!' Her fingers at the ready to peel it off her own knee. Thing Two is a dead pan queen of rationality and simply replied 'they're not bleeding, they're just sore'

Phew. I was debating how fast I could launch myself out of the window whilst not getting my copious arse wedged, should she have accepted.


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