Ants in my pants

Sunday, 27 May 2012

well, not quite , more in the kitchen so to speak.  Little pesky blighters.  Yet another reason I despise this weather.

Although I'll admit that it is somewhat amusing to watch them after you go around your kitchen with turmeric, it's like you've erected an invisible wall, they won't cross it and simply scuttle about looking mightily confused.

I think The Husband is finding ant stomping rather cathartic.  It's not that we're anti-ants per se, rather just anti-ants in our kitchen.  They're perfectly welcome to live outdoors and go along their merry way where they should be.


  1. We had some ants come visiting in our kitchen a few days ago too. I was recommended to put cinnamon down. I thought it wouldn't possibly work, but it did! Very strange! O liked watching them, but I'd rather they were outside too!

  2. It's amazing what anecdotal fixes actually work, It's like the vapour rub on feet to ease coughs at night. I laughed when I first heard someone suggest it and now i'm a huge advocate of it, who'd have thought? I never expected the Turmeric to work when I first tried it last year yet voila, the ants hate it :)


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