Zombie Holidays

Monday, 2 April 2012

Oh dear, doesn't time fly?  I didn't mean to neglect you for so long, honest. I'm a dreadfully poor blogger, consider my wrists well and truly slapped.

So already we're a third of the way through 2012, I really do fear that time runs so fast through these open fingers, too fast to close them around it and hold it for a while an before we know it it's not only going but rather gone...perpetually so. & yet how much time do we waste forever looking backwards trying to find the time's lost rather then forwards to the time we're inevitably losing.

The Toddler is vastly approaching two, yes TWO.  Only two weeks left of being one.  Slow down little fella...please?  He's still as tiny as ever, in fact he's still wearing clothes he's been wearing since August 2010.  I've never had a baby wear out clothes before as opposed to out grow them.  If I'd known from the beginning I would have invested in Mini Boden and Frugi.  He's incredibly charming and expressive though not one of many words.  I fear he's going the same route Thing One did who saved all his talking until after he turned two and hasn't shut up since as opposed to Thing Two who was initiating conversations utilising sentences of 6-18 words length by this stage. Thing One talks (& talks...& talks) for the sake of it whereas Thing Two generally only speaks when she has something to say and often it's insightful and poignant. That's not to say The Toddler is quiet, far from it...he's a whirlwind of sounds, giggles and hilarity and finds much joy in repeating the few words he does deem utterable.

Unfortunately The Toddler appears to have been hit by every branch of the asthma tree on his way down and has been to hospital 4 times in five months resulting in 4 lots of steroids, oxygen and two nebulisers and is now on a daily preventer steroid inhaler with Ventolin as and when he needs it. 

Thing One is still the master of tantrums and prodigiously volatile emotionally...oh the fun. It's a good job he's rather lovely and a little bit funny inbetween and oh so dashingly handsome otherwise we may have had to ask for a refund.

Thing Two is surpassing herself in Reception class at school and her teacher dared to whisper jubilantly the fateful words 'Gifted & Talented' , oh crap. How on earth did that happen?  Is she actually ours? Maybe the bouts of insomnia she appears to suffer from contribute to it (yes, a 5 year old insomniac)

However, academics aside she's also bullishly stubborn (can't think where she's got that from...) as flaunted in last nights little debacle regarding the elastoplast-of-doom. Sometimes there is simply no reasoning with her.
Other then The Husband that just leaves me I guess.  Well quite frankly I'm half the woman i used to be.  Okay so I exaggerate but I am nearly 4 stone less then what I was in 2010. 

Well enough chit chat, it's the Zombie (Easter) Holidays (time for intravenous Valium...) Thing One is out with The Husband, Thing Two is as always taking forever to eat her lunch and having thrown his lunch on the floor The Toddler is now turning the television off then shouting 'Oh no!' ... 'Muuuuuuuuuum!' because he'd rather like it back on again.  

I suppose I'd better make like a real wife and do some hoovering or something equally domesticated, for once.



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