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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Yesterday I put a nappy wash on as usual yet was somewhat perturbed when very shortly after starting it, the light started flashing 'End'.  That definitely wasn't right.  So I did the usual extra rinse yet saw dreaded bubbles.  There shouldn't have been any detergent left to make bubbles, as every cloth nappy user knows you only use a tablespoon of it and a nappy wash is the only type of wash I use a full length cycle on so the original wash should have taken forever.  Hmmm.  Not good.  Not good at all.

Even worse, when The Husband went to hang them to dry on the maiden, he said they were too whiffy to do so.  No, no, no, no, no. They're never whiffy after a wash.  What was going on?  I went to inspect and they were still soaking wet and I could feel detergent on them making them slippery and bubble up when rubbed. Damn.

I gave the washing machine a lie in this morning in the hope he'd recover and tried a quick cycle on the machine just in case it was something all technical and totally beyond me connected to the type of cycle and, naively, thought well maybe a different cycle will work?

Once again there was way too much froth despite me having added no detergent whatsoever, just white vinegar to help strip the detergent and once again the cycle cut out half way through and the now sinister 'End' light was flashing despite me wailing 'but it can't be then end, you haven't finished the start or the middle yet!' Gah.

Never mind the overflowing pile of dirty washing upstairs, the nappies! the nappies! they're hostage in the machine. I haven't bought disposables in 22 months, I have no idea how much they are or what size The Toddler would need and not forgetting they'd give him a rash and, well, I don't like them! I could wax lyrical with stats and facts about why I don't like them but quite frankly I fear I bore you enough already without getting on my nappy soap box. 

We are somewhat cursed with electrical goods, no really.  Our last TV broke when the cat puked on it.  In 12 years we have had 4 hoovers, 4 microwaves, 3 tv's, 4 or 5 toasters, 3 computers (& a laptop), two tumble driers, 4 washing machines, 3 kettles, three stereos...you get the picture.  Thankfully the majority were hand-me-downs, refurbished or budget ranges.  The Husband is cursed with electrical items.  Literally thing's I'd owned BH (before husband) had lasted years without a problem yet a few months near The Husband and they mysteriously break down.  We half wonder if it's somehow connected to his own electrical current as he's always getting static shocks.

Last year we forked out £90 that we really couldn't spare to get our tumble drier fixed only for it to die (again) several months later leaving us in the predicament of neither being able to afford to fix it nor replace it.  We are barely managing without it (limited space, one maiden, lots of rain and 5 people in the house) the absence of a washing machine would quite literally spell disaster.

So The Husband decides to brave it and check the filter.  What did he find? Two single pennies jammed into it.  My money (hah!) is going on it being Thing One's doing.

So four towels mopping up later and two pence richer our fingers are crossed as we beg the machine to do it's job properly this time now it's had emergency surgery and for The Toddler not to have a poo marathon until the nappies are washed and dried.


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