Monday, 23 April 2012

This morning I was simply forced to eat a jar (yes, as in a whole one) of chocolate mess for breakfast due to Thing One and Thing Two demolishing the entire box of Honey Shreddies in three days.  Woe is me.

Sometimes it's incredibly hard being a Mum. 

The Toddler just gently cradled one of Thing Two's dolls and brought her over to me, I asked him if he'd give her a kiss to which he said 'URGHHHHH!' and looked positively repulsed by the mere idea.  Needless to say he returned to his current occupation, the time consuming none stop art of wrecking the entire room.  An 85.5cm tall, one boy ball of utter and total destruction. I swear we have carpet somewhere beneath the sea of debris.

The Toddler still doesn't actually 'say' much, so imagine our sheer dismay when despite this he has still grasped and has started utilising the 'why' phenomena, about everything.

In other news I'm inexplicably excited about a bargain steam cleaner that should arrive either tomorrow or the day after.  I'm as undomesticated as they get and yet I'm dreaming of sparkly surfaces.  poor Thing One has eczema and Four out of five of us have asthma so hopefully it should help.

What has become of me?  I used to dream about pvc and debauchery and now it's steam cleaners and cake.

One day my pretties, I'll get a life again.  Honest.

I need to hit the hard stuff I'm afraid.  Pepsi, none of that prissy diet stuff we're talking the real deal, preferably intravenously.


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