Toddler Van Gogh

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Toddler got an easel for his birthday and he adores it. He's allowed the chalk and the alphabet magnets yet  I draw (aren't I the queen of puns today?) the line at using the paint pots and white board markers.  The latter he'd coat himself in and try to eat, yes still, and the former he'd coat the wall and carpet with.  I think he loves the spontaneity and availability of always having the chalk board and chalk and can thus oft be found drawing away.  However, from time to time the chalk board needs a thorough clean, as chalk boards do, and the little board buffer isn't quite up to the job so I have to sneakily intervene whilst he's not looking with ye olde.....wet kitchen roll.

Today I had one of those light bulb moments as The Toddler was looking mighty bored.  I filled one of the paint pots with water and let him 'paint' with water on the dusty board.  So not only did he get his artistic workout, the board also got cleaned, bonus.  He was thrilled and was engrossed by it for an impressively long time.  However, I may have, possibly, maybe.....kept a firm hold on the pot. I know, I know, stifling his Independence and all that but you see, The Toddler has form for emptying water all over the place, it's the reason he's no longer trusted with a beaker.  The carpet is not a garden and will not grow if watered.  Ever.  However, something might happen to shrink, that being my patience not to mention my ever decreasing sanity.


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