'Stop bumming your sister' statement #678567 that you never dreamed you'd say (& then you had kids...)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

When I was at high school we had this silly game of shoving out your bum/hip when next to some one and shoving the person next to you to the side (or into a ditch, not that I ever did that, honest......) whilst shouting 'Bunty!' goodness knows what that was about. Well, it would seem the act itself (minus the ridiculous accompaniment of 'Bunty!' thankfully) lives on.....

Thing One & Thing Two were playing out (yes, my babies now have a modicum of  freedom *gulp* albeit extremely limited with more rules then you can shake a stick at) when Thing two came running to the window gesticulating wildly at me to open it to complain noisily with huge wet eyes about Thing One and to beg of me to tell him to stop 'bumming' her, cue me obediently fish wifing at the top of my lungs 'stop bumming your sister'

..Actually I've rather changed my mind.  Do bring back 'Bunty!' darlings.


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