Ray of light

Monday, 30 April 2012

What was that ball of light that dared to show it's face in the sky this morning? Who painted the grey, blue? It always feels tremendously worse being cooped up indoors when it isn't pissing it down.  I rather fancied my chances at making a bid for freedom tomorrow yet I fear the Law of the Sod will turn the rain switch to 'on' again, bugger. Then there's the small inconvenience of the impending untrackable delivery of Thing Two's new lego that she chose with birthday money she received nearly 9 months ago. Double bugger.

Once again i'm failing miserably at getting back on the dieting wagon and yet still have another 14-21lbs to lose. My willpower is abysmal at the moment so whilst awaiting for it to get back on track.......I baked ginger biscuits. Sorry hips, I didn't mean to.  I do have the beginnings of a considerably epic ramble on weight loss in my drafts waiting to be completed yet alas it shall indeed have to wait a little longer. The internet is down, again and I have been forced to download an application for my phone to compose this and my thumb is about to wither from over exertion.

Thing Two is full of cold and Thing One walked approximately six miles with The Husband apr├Ęs school and yet they still had the energy to be little sods after tea the highlights of which included throwing cat food at each other and paper aeroplanes down the toilet (then at the walls) and lets not forget the fact one of them turned the heating up to 25c.

Despite teething three teeth, The Toddler is stupendously exhausting to watch and has managed to escape and do the stair game more times then I can count. The little hoodlum laughed in the face of The Husbands attempts to restrain these antics and in an exhibition of sheer anarchy managed to remove the door wedge and upturn the book box both of which should have foiled him.

Irregardless of his mighty escapades he still petitioned against sleep and another 1h45m bedtime ensued (with 5 stories) before he finally admitted defeat and boobed to sleep at around 22.45.

Im vastly losing the fading memories of whatever it was I used to actually do with my evenings before I was chained to the bed (steady on! Out of the gutter...) by boob and mummy dependants though The Husband (bless him) frequently tries to remind me at the most unorthodox times, usually earning himself a filthy glower and a pinch to bring him to his senses.  I'm too tired to be a sex goddess darling. Sleep is the new sex.

I'll leave you with another picture from this morning. I threw open the window and inhaled the light swallowing it soul deep and back again and for a glancing second I touched hope. Mere seconds in time and yet everything stopped and my mind was blissfully silent.


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