Questions from a five year old.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thing Two is overflowing with random questions, so in a bad mummy moment I said maybe she should write down any questions she had and keep them in a book or something.  I don't for a minute want to curb her enthusiasm and inquisitiveness however, I did want a small auditory and mental break from the near Tsunami of questions she unleashed at me, usually whilst I'm in the midst of something!

She then gets to ask me them whilst I sort laundry and nappies out when the bath is running.  Any I don't answer she's going to ask her teacher.  I bet her teacher is going to love me.

So her first list of questions:

1. How many strips of hair do we have?
2. How many pieces of skin do we have?
3. How do we make seeds?
4. How do we grow?
5.Why do we have birthdays?
6. How do w lose things?
7. How do we run out of clothes?
8. How do we get money?
9. How do we design dresses?
10. How do we get poorly?


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