Puddles & Tantrums

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I was frightfully brave yesterday.  Not only did I leave the house sans The Husband with all three of The Spawns, I actually did it twice. Yes, twice.

Now to most this may some something inane and an every day occurrence but to someone such as me who is unfortunately struck with social anxiety and other issues this is a remarkably rare occurrence and actually quite an achievement.

& yet it doesn't stop there, oh no, I actually went to somebody's house.  I'm socially inept and painfully awkward to the point of being petrified by the mere notion of interaction and yet I did it. 

The Toddler had his first taste of puddle jumping and was simply consumed with ecstasy although not quite so when it came time to actually move away from the puddles, insert tantrums and being carted up the street under my arm whilst he kicked and screamed.  At least his wellies didn't fall off, thank goodness for small mercies eh?

Rinse and repeat several times.

Add to this The Toddler tantrumming over Mean Mummy frantically trying to prevent him from trashing the aforementioned corner shop whilst trying to make the nagging from Thing One cease and failing in vein to encourage Thing Two to grow some balls and ask the lady at the counter for some chalk to spend her pocket money on.

Two ten minute trips at toddler speed took 35 minutes each.

The Husband won't need The Snip at this rate, a trip out on my own with all three of my little darlings is a fantastic contraception.  I don't think I'll ever want sex again.  Ever.


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