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Friday, 20 April 2012

Some time ago in one of those 'I must get off the pc and be a good mother' moments, I decided to try and be more creative with play at home.  I dutifully dyed rice and stored them in three separate jam jars, one for each of the three colours.  Predictably, I then did sod all with them and they've been gathering dust atop the pantry ever since as The Toddler is incredibly happy just pottering around, playing with his toys, having cuddles and being read to.

So today in one of those spontaneous moods that rarely occur and hardly any good ever comes from them I felt somewhat inspired and emptied all the rice together into an empty Cadbury's biscuit tin and plonked it in front of The Toddler who was still in his highchair following dinner.

I must admit there was something quite cathartic and mesmerising about lifting up handfuls of rainbows and letting them slip through your fingers and The Toddler obviously agreed for he was utterly fascinated by it!  We added some measuring cups to scoop and pour etc It was around this time that The Husband saw fit to remove himself from the room getting increasingly twitchy about the mess, oh no the mess! as the rice inevitably ended up on the table..on the floor....etc with the instructions 'YOU can sweep it up afterwards if you're letting him do that' well not too bad a price for the pleasure of seeing the toddler have so much fun.  We'll definitely be doing this again, however I do feel we need more rice, it wasn't really that deep and I feel the urge to add some green rice too.

Thing Two looked rather sorrowful playing outside on her lonesome tonight, so for a change from the chunky bright colourful chalks I crept out and presented her with an ice cream tub full of water and two paintbrushes.  To say she looked bewildered was an understatement. I think for a moment she doubted my sanity, even more so then usual.

The perplexity soon turned into childish intrigue as she saw me 'paint' the path with water and she couldn't wait to have a go.  Another success.  I must admit I love to encourage real childhood pursuits when outside such as chalking, hula hooping and skipping as I fear far too many children these days are cooped up in bedrooms with several games consoles and only go out armed with an iphone.  Though to be honest they don't need much encouragement, they're active little snotlings and adore being outside amongst the sticks, grass and dirt just being children.  Childhood is so precious and so short, if only children realise they have a lifetime to be boring grownups.


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