Phone Call

Saturday, 7 April 2012

There's nothing more emotionally paralysing then knowing a loved one is suffering and you are unable to help them.  Just received a rather distraught phone call from The Mother in Spain.  She was trying so hard to be brave and not cry and yet I could hear the  cobweb pattern of sobs closing over the back of her throat making her flawless demeanour wobble and falter.  She's spent all week going out with The Father, her friend and her friends husband then last night, her friend had a massive stroke and died. like myself The Mother is somewhat socially challenged and insulated.  She's had two good friends in recent years, both living in Spain with her and both have now died.  The first was younger then my mum, a beautiful vibrant soul who battled fiercely against cancer multiple times only for it to claim her in a final battle.  This is particularly poignant as The Mother had advanced Ovarian Cancer (aka 'The Silent Killer') and kicked it's arse.

It seems abysmally cruel that after so many years of loneliness, The Mother is finally making friends and having a much needed social life only for these cherished souls to be snuffed out and stolen from her. 

I know it must seem that everyone she cherishes is taken, my beloved grandad was taken far too soon (Cancer) and my beloved Great Aunts who The Mother adored with all her heart died within a year or so of each other proving that it is more then possible to die from a broken heart (they were disabled and had been all their life and had never been apart)

It's just so abhorrently unfair.

& I feel so bloody helpless and overwhelmingly sad for The Mother who I can't even hug as she's not due back in England until the 12th.

She is such an amazing woman who has been mistreated by fate and people alike.  She deserves so much better then this.  It's her time to flourish and bloom, yet how can she continue to do so and fullfill her potential when someone keeps stealing the sunlight?


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