Our little heart breaker..

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

When we jovially comment that The Toddler is destined to be a real heart breaker we had no idea that he'd take it so utterly literally.

For Valentines this year I gave The Husband two chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil.  Unfortunately The Husband neglected to take into account the sheer lengths The Toddler could climb, and not to mention the nifty extending arms rivalling Mr Tickles that all toddlers appear to have and two became one as The Toddler proudly tore off the foil and took a big bite.

We admit it was quite amusing and resourceful of him so The Husband but the remaining heart firmly out of reach.

Unfortunately The Toddler appears to have been practising his amazing physical feats and yes, you guessed it.... Nom went the second heart.  Oops.  The Husband doesn't know yet.  he's napping on the bed under the guise of 'watching a film with Thing One'.  Perhaps this will teach him not to bugger off for a nap all the flaming time, especially when I didn't get a nap today due to The Toddler deciding to Poo instead of napping. Did I mention I'm tired?


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