Never eat yellow snow (or licorice penguins)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Anyone that has the unfortunate pleasure of knowing me will recall I have a penguin fetish.  I simply adore penguins.  For my birthday last year The Husband got me balloon penguins.  For Valentines day I got a cuddly penguin/owl hybrid and a penguin jigsaw.  Before children I had a huge cuddly penguin on the bed.

So imagine my internal audience giving a standing ovation when upon returning from Spain The Mother presented me with something that encompasses two of my favourite things.... Haribo's that happened to be....penguins!

After surviving the inner guilt involved in deciding to eat the cute little guys, imagine the overwhelming disgust when I realised they were licorice flavoured.  Yuck.  I mean, really, licorice Haribo? It's simply wrong.To quote a friend they were absolutely 'bogging'.


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