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Friday, 20 April 2012

So today is Friday which is weekly shopping day.  I do the shop online since we don't drive and it helps to keep a track on spending.

As usual I go through adding things to my basket and then spend an excruciating amount of time removing said items trying to feed us and be able to actually pay for said food.  I find it ridiculous that 12-18 months ago we'd buy more and actually pay less.

It's becoming increasingly hard to afford it to be quite frank.  especially seeing as we don't smoke, The Husband rarely drinks and we very rarely buy any treats whatsoever, it really is the basics.

Like many families on a tight budget these days we utilise menu planning to try and ensure we only buy what we need and what will be eaten.  Granted I rarely stick to the days meals and pick whichever one I feel like cooking each day.

So what's for tea next week?

Saturday: Pork steaks in sage & onion crust with savoury rice and large flat garlic mushrooms.
Sunday: White fish in creamy sauce with boiled potatoes and brown bread
Monday: Chicken chop suey
Tuesday: Hot bacon, sausage,  mushroom and potato salad
Wednesday: Enchiladas
Thursday:  Lentil & veg stew with dumplings or Chicken korma
Friday: Sweet chilli & garlic beef with egg fried rice

I should probably mention that the meals are generally for The Husband, The Toddler and myself with Thing One and Thing Two being fussy little sods.  Where did we go wrong?  They used to eat real food when they were weaned!


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