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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

...knocking on a random strangers door and asking if they'd mind you having the pallet in their garden then carrying it home in the rain just because your wife wants it.

Why on earth would I want a pallet? Well..... I've had a corner of the garden that has become a junk patch that originally was supposed to be my 'veggie patch'  However, I'm terminally lazy and the mere thought of having to actually dig it out and prepare it and then have to actually plant things was a tad overwhelming so the idea got waylaid and the patch is now a dumping ground for toys.

I then decided to just buy pots and bags, an easier option however funds aren't exactly in abundance and there's always something much more important to buy  Apparently feeding The Children is a must.

So, am I actually going anywhere with this?

With any luck the above pallet (and hopefully one or two others) will become one of these.  Nifty, neh?

I know the kids will be positively aglow at the idea of 'growing stuff'.  I am however a gardening virgin and about as green as a ripe banana......this could prove to be a rather interesting endeavour.  I'm naively hoping that I can just plant from seed and you know...leave them there to grow or whatever it is veggies do.  If I have to start faffing and transplanting etc I fear I may give up at the first hurdle.

In other green news, Thing Two's pot of surprises appears to be sprouting another two small shoots....oh Bollocks.  What on earth is one to do with melon seedlings in cold, grey, wet April?


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