It's raining it's pouring....

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I awoke this morning to the full on onslaught of The Husband versus Thing One, just for  change. It would appear that Thing One, despite having only been back at school one day had no school trousers (for the record he has at least 3 pairs, possibly even four)

Thing One and I have had varying degrees of 'discussions' in the past regarding his method of putting his clothes away i.e slinging clean clothes into corners, behind furniture and under beds etc to avoid having to hang them up.  Another favourite of his is to put clean clothes, straight back into the mucky washing basket, again to avoid having to actually put them away.

The Husband isn't at his most tolerant first thing in the morning so the whinnying squeal of a wibbly Thing One joined the cacophony of a booming The Husband.

According to Thing One he'd been 'framed', to which The Husband countered 'By who? the trouser stealing fairy?'

Definatly not a good start to the morning.  Add to this that The Husband and The Children had to virtually swim to school due to an unfortunate and inconvenient downpour.

Did I mention my ankle still hurts?

Still, upon his Return The husband managed to find some of the missing uniform, one pair of trousers and three tops, all clean and all shoved into the mucky washing basket, of course.

The house was blissfully calm for the rest of the day, until they returned that is.  I don't don't what alchemy they do at school but it alters the personality of Thing Two, as she's been ridiculously irritating and full of attitude since she returned.  Hopefully it will wear off.... before I run away.  However, she returned with 'Tigger' which is given to the children for a night after a good day at school.  Perhaps I should hold him hostage until they return the real Thing Two to me...... otherwise I may accidentally swear in Tigger's diary that I have to fill out and detail Tigger's after hours adventures, if you catch my drift.  I thought I was past getting homework, obviously not.

Must dash and separate the spawn before any long lasting damage occurs.

Any ideas on how to stop The Toddler from performing astounding feats of balance across the tops of his little people farm and home? .. thought not.  Worth a try.

Nearly. Bed. Time (& thank feck for that)


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