It's a boy thing.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

We're a fairly open family.  With five of us and one bathroom it's common place to have someone in the bath and someone else on the loo, the sprogs rarely close the bathroom door which doesn't actually have a lock on it anyway and all three of the spawn have a penchant for nudity.

So there I was last night running the bath and Thing One pushes past me and starts to close the door.  An eyebrow keenly arched I enquire as to what he was doing...

Thing One: 'I'm having a wee, it's private'
Me: 'Ohhhh Kay........' [back away returning to my room to wait]
Thing One: [peers round the door with a shit eating grin and exclaims] 'I'm about to have a conversation with My Willy and it's private'

...thank heaven for little boys, eh?


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