I'm Gloomy said Eeyore.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I think there may be a direct correlation between the elder spawn being at home and the return of my net addict ways. or should I say greater net addict ways for I always have and sadly always will spend far too much time online.  Hard to break a habit of 16 years.  Blimey, I feel somewhat old now after writing that last part.

Yesterday was a grey wet day which was doomed from the very start.  The Toddler was whizzing his proverbial tits off until way past eleven pm and then insisted on waking around five times in 7 hours.  Insomnia visited me as well as rampant rampaging paranoid thoughts. Then there was Thing Two waking up from a nightmare (something about cats and trapdoors....) shouting for 'DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD' seeing as The Husband has elder spawn night duty and I do The Toddler night duty (since I co-sleep and lactate and The Husband er.. doesn't and resides on the sofa)  So in an attempt to not risk waking The Toddler (he has a Mummy sensor that alerts him if i disappear for even a millisecond irregardless of how deep a sleep he is in) I phoned The Husband's mobile, then the house phone.  No luck, damn.  So I extricated myself in a ninja fashion of silent contortion out of the bed, made it to the door to be met by a wet saucer wide eyes Thing Two mid sob on the landing.  Running downstairs and boobs of doom sans scaffolding don't exactly mix yet anything for our kinder, right?  The Husband was curled up in dreamland on the sofa, so I jabbed him persistently on the forehead.....lots.

Predictably just as I attempted to sneak a quick bathroom trip in before returning to The Toddler he had awoken and was bawling his little heart out at the gate, despite the fact I was talking to him so he knew he hadn't been abandoned.

Fast forward to day time and the children were simply beastly.  Due to aforementioned weather they were unable to be chucked outside to play (a relative novelty to them and much craved) so they responded by driving each other up the wall all day.  Arguments after arguments after tears after strops after screaming.  A full house of noxious and absurdly unpalatable behaviour.  Add into this mix that The Husband was also in a volcanically vile mood with regular eruptions and I think you get the gist that yesterday wasn't a good day.

In an attempt to blast away the grey cobwebs of discontent I rallied the troops and we had a short puddle jumping escapade which resulted in Thing One & Thing Two being soaked to the bone despite wellies and waterproofs.

Despite the fun, as soon as we returned home, the cloud descended again and the mayhem recommenced.

Sometimes I do so wish I could afford to be an alcoholic....or rather a lot of the time actually.

Today is still somewhat gloomy, with little sleep had by me.  The Husband and the elder spawn braved the rain and bought the remainder of The Toddlers presents for Sunday.  The Husband is now taking Thing One to the in laws for a sleepover so he feels slightly less guilty whilst he gallivants the night away at an Absu gig.

I've already resorted to emergency self preservation and survival tactics aka sneakily eating the kids Easter chocolate when they're not looking.


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