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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nice weather for ducks.  Typically the day of Thing Two's first proper school trip (on a coach and everything...) the wind howls and the skies split open and pour.  Fortunately the school had waterproof suits and we provided wellies so fun was had by all at the Zoo. It probably comes as no surprise that a hoard of 4 and 5 year old enjoyed the zoo however had you been present for Thing Two's special day out last year (as Thing One went to see Iron Maiden) at the same zoo, we shall call the day Zoogate, when you'd have thought we'd taken her to a Maritime Museum or something, she looked far more melancholy then any small child has any business looking.  What should have been a fun day was a huge flop.  Had we actually paid cold hard cash (thank you Tesco clubcard!) I do believe The Husband and I would have had a lot more to say about it, including troll faces and grizzly voices.  You'd never have guessed that Thing Two had actually requested to go there.

So whilst Thing Two had a whale of a time, I sat and festered, still housebound, with rampant paranoia in hideous overdrive envisaging all kinds of awful awful things that could happen to my 'baby girl' whilst on real school trip.

I'm convinced someone is supplying The Toddler with Amphetamines as he was whizzing his proverbial tits off night before last, The Husband is convinced the Oreo biscuits were to blame.  Either way he spent the latter part of the afternoon doing some manic pseudo circuit training that involved much climbing and vaulting of himself from sofa's, rinse and repeat. Bedtime comprised of him putting all his In The Night Garden plushes to 'bed' in a secret code of arrangement uttering 'night night, love you' to each and then growling with frustration when he couldn't quite get the blanket to go the way he wanted.

Thing One had his 'special' day with The Grandparents after school yesterday so Thing Two and I had some time together, leaving The Toddler to walk all over The Husband.  We played lego and then bagsy with the Boden catalogue which is about as close as we'll get to anything Boden, still girls need to dream, neh? We finished up with some colouring however waking up ridiculously early and having a full day out had taken it's toll and she entered the phase of 'over tired' to which patience went on holiday and she had a small tantrum over not being able to colour neat enough and then she went to sulk,... in the dirty washing basket, as you do.


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