Doom fingers.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

So, several weeks ago Thing Two brought home a little pot that allegedly has a sunflower seed planted within, and a lolly pop stick with her name upon it.  We dutifully placed  it on the windowsill and gave it wet feet when needed being careful not to drown the bugger. 

We waited and we waited.  We waited some more.  days turned into weeks and yet no seedling did grow.  Thing Two was unimpressed as you'd expect and more then a tad disappointed.

During one feeding time at the zoo we called home, I regaled a tale of how when I was a child, I'd shove my orange pips and apple seeds in with My Mothers houseplants without telling anyone.  Thing One and Thing two were enchanted by the very idea and so I allowed Thing Two to shove her watermelon seeds from the fruit she'd been eating into the pot to 'keep the sunflower company'.  For all we knew it could have been refusing to grow out of sheer loneliness.  A week or so passed and we thought no more about it.  Cue a few days ago when a shoot appeared......then yesterday another smaller one.

You'd be mistaken for thinking this was good news for you see I flexed my google-fu and it is entirely the wrong time of year for the poor things to have any chance of surviving never mind to bare the huge juicy fruit that Thing One & Thing Two have been excitedly describing to me.

I predict disappointment in the air.  Oh Shit.  How do we get out of this one?

& to think I actually dream of growing our own little crop of fruit and veg. Did I mention when Thing One brought a sunflower seedling home from school a few years ago, we killed it?   Green fingers? Try doom fingers.


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