Diet Fail (...again)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

See what happens when I'm housebound?  Not only do I eat superfluously and constantly I also bake, a lot.

When The Grandparents are in the country Thing One and Thing Two have a 'special' day each at their house which started before they were school age.  So tonight The Grandparents picked Thing Two up straight from school and tomorrow it will be Thing One's turn.

Not only do they get quality time with The Grandparents without having to compete for attention, they also get some time out away from each other at home so slightly less mayhem and spats here.

It's not often I get one on one time with Thing One as although we adore each other I often fear we're from entirely different planets and he much prefers to be walking miles on end on adventures with The Husband or learning Morbid Angel riffs on his guitar.

So, I waited till he returned home from school to bake today.  Many parents often bake with their young and hats off to them, they obviously have a much higher tolerance level and patience then me.  Usually baking avec les spawn makes me want to lock myself in the bathroom swigging gin from the bottle whilst gibbering in tongues.

 Today we made Oreo cookie cupcakes using this fabulous recipe.  You can't really see but at the bottom of the cupcake is a whole Oreo cookie (the white ones look better this is a double chocolate one)

They are utterly divine and the mere thought of the calorific content gives me the fears.  My willpower is a fickle and weak thing so as always I shall be palming them off on relatives and begging The Husband to eat them whilst I'm sleeping.

The Husband is attempting to teach Thing One how to play with The Toddler as unfortunately the darling child appears to be missing the play gene and has an innate inability to play with toys, always has done.  However Thing Two and The Toddler can amuse themselves with toys independently, spontaneously and thoroughly.  Thing One has to be running (I kid you not we used to nickname him Forrest), play wrestling or watching TV.  All games are physical and without toys which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just rather exhausting to watch and frustrating for himself as he struggles to play alone and other then lining cars up and writing lists his copious amount of toys gather dust..

It's exceedingly amusing watching The Toddler pin and tickle Thing One and a welcome break to not hear him constantly shout and scream at Thing One which is the norm between them. As always though the fun is somewhat getting out of control with their over excitement so operation 'got to keep them seperated' for a while is about to commence as The Husband and Thing One disappear up to my bed to watch a Carry On film on my television and no doubt The Toddler will attach himself to me and feed like the boob junkie he is.

I'm beginning to wonder if The Grandparents have stolen Thing Two.......I'm five minutes away from making the 'where is she and what have you done with my daughter?' call.


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