The 'C' word

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Last week Thing One asked all about Cancer. Apparently he'd seen a young girl with no hair and was told she had Cancer and thus wanted to know if I've known anyone who had Cancer.

This is where it becomes tricky.  The need to be honest and factual balanced with hope because Thing One is a worry wart and we'd never here the end of his what if's.

So I admitted that yes, I've known people with Cancer.  I told him that my Grandad died of Cancer and so did The Husbands Aunt. I explained that it's a very sad disease that can make people extraordinarily poorly and that some people just get too poorly and can't fight the cancer and sadly die and others manage to beat it.  I explained how it's the treatment as opposed to the disease that can make peoples hair fall out and that not everyone who has Cancer, loses their hair. Like Nanna, my Mum.  She had Ovarian Cancer (The Silent Killer) in 2005? and thankfully after serious surgery and chemotherapy, she kicked it's arse (yet another pro of my extended breastfeeding of The Toddler and before him, Thing Two.  Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of cancer )  Everyday I cross everything that it stays away and never ever comes back.

Thing One's lip started to wobble, his eyes filled up somewhat and his breathing quickened ' I don't know what I'd do if Nanna died, I'd miss her so much.  I'd be so so very sad that I'd probably cry for something like five whole days'


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