Birthday Toddler

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Toddler turned TWO yesterday.  He had his very own house party insofar as to say himself, Thing One, Thing Two and two of their cousins (Aged 2yrs & 8yrs) all had a whale of a time in his playhouse, in our lounge.  Yes, we know it's for the garden but I never once claimed we were normal (nor sane).  I blame The Husband.

We (& our sanity) survived a lovely invasion of The Families (as per tradition for our sprogs birthdays) and even more surprising so did the house, survive that is.  Then again it's rather used to the madness that is hurricane children.

In line with the day before his birthday my ankle collapsed on me, never fear though I still managed to walk two miles, shop, scrub the bathroom, clean the banisters and staircase (who knew what a difference that makes, perhaps I should have done it before now....), tidy the lounge, carry out The Toy Cull of Doom, survived an eruption from Volcano The Husband, re-arrange the lounge, clean old toys out of the loft in preparation for the birthday boy AND make and decorate a cake.  My ankle no longer resembles an ankle, more a techni-coloured elephant leg that hurts...a lot. Not that The Husband gave a toss hence me having to do all of the above.  He has however grown a modicum of sympathy since so his nuts are safe, for now.

Thing One & Thing Two are now back at school as of today so a day of less chaos was experienced which sounds rather promising and indeed it would be if it didn't simply mean they store it all up in order unleash it full force during The Witching Hour (that awful window of time after tea and before bath) So now I must run the bath and rescue them from being held hostage by The Toddler in his house...Blimey, they're now all fighting over The Toddlers easel... Give. Me. Strength

Can you get Valium intravenously?

Nom Nom ... am being force fed Alphabet magnets soup by The Toddler....


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