Be careful what you ask for, darling.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Husband is an awkward sod.  He ridicules my indecisiveness and yet refuses to give a straight answer to incredibly simple questions or given set choices he will choose something not on offer.  Like tonight,  I issued him with several perfectly acceptable options for tea and yet none suited.  He wittered on about wanting a fry up and sausages, repeatedly, refusing any alternative.  So  being the dutiful wife that I am, he wanted a fry up?  he got one.

To be precise he got 6 sausages, four fried eggs, two slices of fried bread, mushrooms, three potato waffles, two thick rashers of bacon and a shed load of beans.   

Whilst being ever so particular about what he wanted, he neglected to state quantities.  ooops.  His face when presented with it nearly made the sufferance of enduring his perpetual awkwardness worthwhile, nearly.

At least he can't say I'm not obedient or generous.

Oh and just for shits and giggles I sinned...I left the foil cover on the new tub of butter purely to annoy him.  Petty? Moi?


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