Anniversary of attachment.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

IMAG2961As a generally rule of thumb I refrain from posting pictures in this blog to retain some element of anonyminity for myself and my family (& to add that scintilla of abstruseness) & yet here I am pondering wether or not to break my self sanctioned rule in order to share and celebrate the fact that The Toddler and I have been breastfeeding and co-sleeping for 2 years and two days and are still going strong.  So although unflattering to say the least, this picture is, to me at least, a poignant snapshot of the last two years of The Toddler & I.... Nap time, in bed, him falling asleep on the boob.  This was taken on the last day of him being a one year old.

Is it a wonder I can't bare to be separated from him?  They grow up so fast.  Moments like this are to be cherished.

There is nothing quite like looking at newborn pictures of your children to make your womb purr and weep.  The Husband is still 101% adamant that there shall be No More. Ever. Unfortunately although my head can be reasonable when it chooses to, it is having a very unfortunate task of over ruling the heart and is failing dreadfullyAs I keep professing to him, I don't want one now, egads no.  Not in the slightest.  No thank you.  However, I would like the option to have one more in 4-5 years timeIt's a strange feeling to be more then enamoured and blessed with what you have and to yet have this lingering feeling of 'not quite done yet', some small echoic hole that has no shape nor name only possibility and it whispers to you, constantlyHell, if he allowed the option to remain I'd save him a hospital jaunt and render him infertile myself afterwards if he's that set on a snip.


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