Sunday, 15 April 2012

I appear to have a child who prefers going sneakily commando.  Thing two keeps 'forgetting' to put knickers on.  Whilst at The Grandparents this weekend having a much awaited sleepover My Mother asks '[Thing Two], are you wearing any knickers!?' to which Thing Two replies nonchalantly 'yes, but they're skin coloured so you just can't see them' She later admitted that she just doesn't like knickers or the way they feel.

Then again this is the same 5 year old Thing Two who after promising me she'd let My Mother wash her hair she then declares to my mum 'I wouldn't go near my hair if I was you.  You won't want to touch it.  I have nits'  needless to say she doesn't have nits at all, the pesky child just didn't want her hair washed.

The thought of her being a teenager actually makes me wibble.  I have the fears.


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