Thursday, 23 June 2011

June already? Really? How utterly incomprehensible I quite refuse to believe that is is in fact June and I demand evidence.  Have you looked out of the window lately? grey and monsoon-esque rain does not a June make.

Did I ever warn you in advance that I am quite monumentally crap at updating these blogs?

So what is new you may ask? what indeed?  The Baby is now 14 months of age and yet doesn't appear to have grown an iota in he last 8 months.  No, really it's not one word of a lie, he's still wearing the same clothes and everything.  He's been a walking for around 5-6 months now and yet still looks far too tiddly to be so mobile which invokes some rather bemused looks from random strangers, not that he actually walks outside that often.  Although words are limited to the adorable 'Mama' which would be slightly more adorable if he didn't actually call everything it..... 'Dada', 'yeah', 'Again' and 'Bye Bye' however for some one of so few words he has a rather large gob and is not afraid to use it, at full volume. Food still remains to be predominantly something to play and throw with an amusing interlude for the recent addition of jelly, which is apparently hilarious when you poke it.  The baby is unequivocally a boob junkie just like his sister and is still fed on demand night and day, sleeps next to me in bed and has yet to travel in a buggy as we simply adore our slings far too much.  He's such a vibrant little chap and really is brighter then the sun.

Thing One & Thing two are thriving although squabbing incessantly having gone from topless 'gigging' to topless wrestling now complete with real 'ow's'.  Thing Two is flourishing within nursery despite wanting spending all her time writing, she's a child obsessed.  I will confess to feeling decidedly wibbly about the ever approaching September when she will disappear into full time school. Thing One had his first real accident which in turn gave me my first 'Is that Thing One's mum? It's the school he's had an accident ' Insert heart in throat. All was well though after a trip to the local walk-in centre and some surgical glue.

I'm ploughing through the trials  of finding a decent Nursing bra and jeans that don't fall down the dreaded jelly belly and actually failing quite miserably which in itself is quite depressing.

Approximately five weeks until the summer holidays.  There is not enough Valium in the world......................


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