Sunday, 2 January 2011

Oh please tell me this isn't a preview of things to come, if so I do believe 2011 and I shall not be friends, let alone lovers.

The Baby had a rather disturbing episode in the early hours of the morning that consisted of insuppresable manic howling that was utterly impenetrable apart from random 2 minute respites before it started up again.  Absolutely heartbreaking & yes I will admit to being somewhat frightened by it all.  Utterly ghastly experience.  He managed to pause long enough to have a good long feed and fell asleep on the boob so to speak and has been fine from therein.  Most odd.

He's now reclined in my arms, cheekily sneeking in a pre-lunch boob, smiling around it looking positively darling whilst fiddling with my 'cables' (drawstrings of my NIN hoody) He's such a delightful little chappy.

The Girl Child spent a good ten minutes layering on her dressing up items, jewellery, bags, dress, wings, wand...only to strip them all off and put them away ten minutes later.  I do believe my daughter is broken, she rarely dresses up, she doesn't play with her dolls and has no affinity to a particular toy other then a torch that she 'sometimes' sleeps with.  However she is  rather striking budding artist in the making and is impossibly obsessed with trying to write.  Such an enchanting oddling.

My back is even worse today, oh the agony.

Ah peace at last The Boy Child and The Girl Child have ran up the stairs to 'do a gig' with their guitars and microphones, hopefully with clothes on this time.


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