Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year? Well if this is a taste of the year to come I think 'll stick with 2010.  Last night had the typical blitz of fireworks turning the area into Beirut , not that my middle name is killjoy (no honestly, it isn't) must people set fire works off randomly from 9pm onwards?  Surely that defeats the object of New Years Eve and the whole midnight thing?  Just saying....

Add to that the fact that for some reason unbeknown to me my back pain has reappeared (I'd say I missed you darling, but quite frankly I didn't) The Baby woke up twenty minutes after going to sleep and commenced howling and then decided to stay awake for 2 hours solid from about 5.40am onwards.  To say the day improved from that point onwards would unfortunately be a lie.  This morning was full of arguments with The Husband (although believe me I can think of some rather more colourful titles for him) and top it all off with an inconsiderate noisy neighbour and a somewhat disappointing tea.

To sum it up, 2011 is rather pants.

I may endeavour to do an obligatory summing up of 2010 at some point.

The Baby now has eye drops, not that he has become at all bothered by his gunktastic eyes but we'd left it the required time to give it a chance to heal au natural and it failed.  I asked the rather nice young doctor to check his ears too (the baby's...not the doctors, I'm sure his ears are fine) as he keeps tugging at one yet we got the standard 'well they're a bit pink is all' answer.  Last a doctor said that with regards to The Girl Child we ended up at a walk in centre within a day or two after with her howling in abject misery and those pinky ears were raging red inside by then. 

It's  interesting how peoples opinions divide on babywearing and indeed more so how they feel they simply must project their opinion onto you.  As we crossed the road to the pharmacy some random pleb decided he had to stop me and say 'they're not nice, what if that should snap and that came unwound and that came undone, it's not safe' I must admit it was a rather impressive string of what if's that had to occur in a particular hazardous sequence and since we were in a hurry I didn't have time for my usual churlish retorts and had to shoot a quick 'well what if my tyre burst on my pram or what if i let go and it went into the road?' gave him the 'evil eye' and went on my merry way with The Baby looking jolly well comfy and happy in his sling, and why shouldn't he be? he's only ever been outside in a sling.  Yet upon entering another shop some mild and eccentric woman started stroking his divine custom sling whilst waxing lyrical about how absolutely beautiful it was and how happy he looked, she looked most enchanted by it.  People really are strange. Thankfully we've not had the 'oh darling are you still breastfeeding him?' My mums second son was fixated with 'bitty' jokes  and is somewhat phobic of me feeding my baby in his vicinity (when The Girl Child was breastfed until 2years & 9months of age) though rather then phobic i think it's more of breastfeeding-ist.  I'm sure the outlaws were amused by their hippy daughter in law dressing their youngest grandchild in an amber teething necklace and some delicious flongies made by a clever wahm. We won't even start with 'The Nappies' (as with The Girl Child we are obviously using reusables again)

I don't make resolutions for the New Year I think really you're just setting yourself up to fail but perhaps when I'm in less pain and have more inclination I may share some of the beginning plots out of neurosis that are bubbling in my mind.


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