From the mouth of a babe

Monday, 13 July 2009

Me: '& remember that tomorrow night Daddy will be putting you to bed'
The Toddler: '*gasp* but daddy can't read!'
Me: 'Yes he can silly billy...'
The Toddler: 'but he doesn't have boobies'
Me: '& what do you need boobies for?'
The Toddler: 'well babies drink from them and you had a baby in your tummy but it died. So you're growing another and if that one doesn't die, it may come home and live with us and i promise not to jump on her. I will just look at her and see if she likes Peppa Pig & show her Dora the explorer!'
Me: *gulp* ... * welling up* 'erm..well yes it did and mummy and daddy are 'trying' to grow us another honey...we're trying'


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