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Monday, 29 June 2009

I love The Child, I do, it goes without saying he's my beautiful boy but can I just say my god am I thankful that he's finally back at school after The Illness.

The Children are usually quite loving, obviously they argue (despite their parents they are normal darlings) but recently The Toddler has become hideously over sensitive and The Child dastardly mean which results in far too many tears. The other day we caught The Child with his hands around The Toddlers neck, she looked a little red and coughed for effect. Horrified and terrified comes to mind, and so indeed was The Child when the full hurricane of The Daddy descended upon him. All's fair in love and war though as The Toddler tried to strangle The Child right back a little later in the evening.

The Poor Child is looking rather scrawny after The Illness and is still coughing like he smokes 40-a-day, despite weighing a tonne he's never really had any body fat so the result of two weeks of illness makes him look decidedly skeletal. I keep wanting to chase him round the house pushing butties on him like some weird buttie-pimp to fatten him up a little.

He's actually going on his first school trip tomorrow, yes that is a tear in my eye. He's growing up rather too quickly, can we stop time for a while please? thankfully at school he is positively angelic and an absolute credit to us. I suppose if he has to be trying it best be in the confines of home though I do often question the sheer unfairness that we deliver a perfect wee boy to school each morning and each night they hand us back a little monster. Whoever said life was fair though?.

I wonder at what age i'll stop watching him sleep breath for a minute before I go to bed each night? A habit started in babyhood and never quite shrugged off. There's something near poetic about watching the gentle tide of his chest rise and falling accompanied by that sweet lullaby of his dream filled breaths and in that moment you stand riveted and you know with every fibre 'This is Love'.

I'm sure il'l prattle on again tomorrow but right now this heat is killing me & I keep threatening to bring the paddling pool into the lounge to fill with cold water and sit in. I think The Husband is somewhat scared that in my fractured mentality I may not actually be joking.


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