On turning 29...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Husband has redeemed himself from any ill's he may have done in his past through letting me have a four hour lie in this morning, yes you heard it right, 4 hours...and a one hour soak in the bath! He's a nice chap really, well...sometimes. However, I do believe it will require payment later tonight in the form of me getting lock jaw, if you see where I'm coming from.

I suppose I should briefly recap on that 'other' recent event, mainly being the tiresome inevitability of me turning 29 which is one year away from 30. Oh dear life, where have you gone? I miss you so. Needless to say it was a fairly non scintillating event or should I say non-event what with the absence of friend's (no really, i am the official Billy No Mates) alcohol, money, sex and drugs. My parents are in Spain although they did kindly leave me a card and some money before the departed and to her defence she did remember to ring up on the day. Both my brothers however failed to send cards. Seeing as money is something we don't have The Husband got me a card (The Children made me one each) and promised to 'be my slave for the day' which in theory sounds most satisfying however factor into this that I had to go out (in the rain, the rain I tell you! scandalous!) with The Toddler to stop The Toddler and The Child from killing each other (Due to The Child being off school with another pesky flare up of the dreadful affliction called Mesenteric Adenitis). So quite how I get a slave for the day when i'm somewhat evicted from home is quite frankly beyond my comprehension and the words 'short' & 'Straw' spring to mind.

My days expedition was somewhat brave of me as it involved the fortuitous event of finally kicking ones own arse into touch and meeting up with an old friend who i've only seen once in around 6 years due to my best friends Anxiety and Depression crippling me in the social sense (along with their acquaintance, Obesity) Unfortunately The Toddler went into her usual 'I don't know you' mode and rendered herself mute, if only she was I tell you, if only! I jest, I do so love my little chatterbox. Honestly. However, she appears to be getting a cold of doom and awoke from an impromptu nap in her buggy to serenade us with a meltdown complete with a side order of extra gooey snot and super thick tears.

The bus journey home was interesting in so far as I had to struggle with the ever increasing motion sickness that I get through traveling on buses when cheggers, a very chatty Toddler (see! oh how she talks...!), several bags and an awkward folded buggy propped up by my feet.

The highlight of my Birthday (there was one, honest...) was The Toddler and The Child performing 'Happy Birthday' to me, acapella, whilst I was trying to drown soak in the bath in the morning.

On another happy note I now have shiny slut red nails. rar. All is not lost. Oh the glamour.


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