Yucky little boys

Saturday, 28 March 2009

I'm vastly disliking little boys. We have a female house cat who has the dastardly habit of 'spraying' up doors and walls and occasionally over clothing and furnishings when she's on heat (as well as wailing and howling like a wanton whore with her arse in the air in a decidedly 'oh do me! do me! manner). Recently we have been finding urine in the bath, which we put down to the cat. This of course has meant extra and frequent disinfecting on my behalf however as disgusting as it is it is rather preferable to places that aren't so easy to clean.

So, Imagine my complete horror when we found out this morning that it is actually The Child doing this.

It was genuinely a true 'WTF?! moment.

I think little girls have the right idea 'boys are gross!'

Or 'Minging' as The Toddler would say.


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