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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I'm officially advertising the position of my immune system as vacant, lord knows it's certainly wanting. Yes, I'm ill again, what is this the 6th? time in 2009. I'm rabidly unimpressed. Perhaps even more frustrating is the fact that The Toddler is sharing my illness which sounds awfully quaint but i;d really rather she didn't, as if I don't get enough sleep as it is! Rather predictably The Husband is in full sulk mode because he wants to be ill for once, it's just so unfair. My heart bleeds. No really, it does.

The Child made a card with haste this morning for his dear teacher who is commencing maternity Leave after today and being replaced by a Norwegian teacher called Miss Murphy. he also woke The Husband up at ridiculous o'clock this morning to play the Wii as he was promised a one-off play this morning for actually behaving himself for once last night. Shocking parenting, we know but it works so I really wouldn't knock it. Besides, it's frightfully amusing to watch him him tantrum just like his daddy when he doesn't win. I'm also secretly smug that The Husband (he who detests messy things) was the one who had to supervise the card making.

The Toddler has finally succumbed to the girly delights of pretty hair clips and no long shrieks like a scalped baboon dropped in boiling water when approached with the almighty implement of torture, also known as a hairbrush. Having convinced her that Faerie Princess' wear pretty clips she now near begs for her hair to be played with on a daily basis. Of course it would help immeasurably if I actually had an ounce of patience and didn't make a hash job of it. Still it has a certain rustic charm and could possibly be perceived as being artistic and alternative at a stretch.

The Child has taken to randomly shouting 'Satan' in a high pitched voice which coupled with his charming smile is positively ruptures the sense of humour, almost on par with the sheer glee that The Toddler displays having mastered the devil horns with her fingers. Both are alarmingly showmantastic at air guitaring and even a la Steve Harris put a foot on their imaginary monitors.

Spring is most definitely here finally, the sky is blue, the birds are in chorus and random daffodils are sprouting as unexpectedly as virtue in our lawn, okay..mud patch. It's a 'work in progress', only without much of the progress element. When on the school run down the tree tunnel there's the vibrant burst of crocus' amongst the rough and wasteland and last week the children were most entertained by their daddy's lucky find, a frog. The Toddler named the frog 'Arm' this is not surprising seeing as she tried to make us all call her 'Sofa' over the weekend.

The Child is demanding to be taken up to Winter Hill again, The Grandparents took him last year and he wanted to see the sheep, however upon seeing they had teeth he ran a mile and settled on his chosen picnic spot. Needless to say my parents appetites swiftly disappeared when they discovered it was adjacent to a dead sheep which they had to craftily maneuver their backs towards to prevent The Child from seeing it.

Bugger. There was a man supposed to be arriving this morning about a fence, mainly The Fence in the garden that is held up glamorously by some old paving slabs and threatening to fall over and decapitate The Dog. I think it goes without saying that he hasn't bloody turned up. Oh Arse.

Alas, i've neglected The Toddler long enough and really should go and do 'stuff' which revolves around glue and glitter and a whole conundrum of mess, oh damn I mean creativity.


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