"I'm Gloomy" said Eeyore

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oh dear, I must confess to feeling a trifle melancholy. In fact if the apathy wasn't quite so thick I rather like to think I'd feel exasperated by it.

If only one could cry. Ho Hum. Onwards and ever upwards I suppose.

The Grandparents took me and The Toddler to Cost-Co yesterday where The Toddler had a glorious time flashing. 'Look at my beep-beep!' (Navel) 'Look at my boobies!' (I positively dread the teenage years in the future!) This was of course after the small matter of a rather large meltdown in the loo's as she insisted on taking her coat, shoes, tights and pull-up off despite my rather futile and virulent protests. She then had the audacity to whinge about the lack of a stool for her feet so I've now to assume the position of kneeling at her feet in public conveniences to hold her royal princess feet.

Buggersticks. I guess I should do something with The Toddler before The Child gets home from school and madness ensues.

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  1. Oh dear, I can just see her as a seventeen year old in one of those hired limos poking out of the top flashing her boobies at passers by... (not that *anyone I know* has ever done *anything* like this!)

    ps not seen you on twitter for AGES!


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