Tuesday, 3 February 2009

So The Child keeps lecturing The Toddler on the general state of the lounge and it's lack of tidiness when he returns home from school telling her that she really ought to ensure it's tidy before he gets home.

As The Husband was on the school run picking The Child up I had the following Conversation with The Toddler.

Me: 'Help me tidy up before your brother gets home'
The Toddler: 'No.'
Me: 'Please...?'
The Toddler: 'Okay then my special mummy'
Me: 'Oh, thankyou darling!'
The Toddler: 'You're welcome, my best friend'

She really is such a sweetheart (sometimes).


  1. Awwww. (Btw, I saw the title of your blog on Ruth Moss's site and thought - as a stay-at-home dad - I'd take a look, maybe pick your brains and so on. Only, when I clicked I discovered you had a blogger ASBO - Adult Content Warning. So, of course, I've now read all your posts to find out why! I'm still looking...)

  2. lol i'm covering myself, y'know..just in case ;) I really can't be held responsible for what these fingers type :p


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