Parents evening

Thursday, 5 February 2009

So the snow was coming and then..changed it's mind which was awfully uncouth of it. I've given up scrutinising the various '5 day' weather forecasts provided by the BBC and the Met Office seeing as they change daily and vary wildly from 'heavy snow' to 'no snow' which isn't terribly helpful. I wish they'd make up their minds I mean either it's coming or it's not! However, the lack of snow did enable my parents to land safely at Liverpool airport although I do rather suspect that my Mother would have quite preferred to have been stranded in Spain still and quite frankly, I can't say I blame her.

We are slowly sorting out The Toddlers bedroom with the view of her going into it and The Husband finally sleeping in The Bed again although I must admit to dragging my feet somewhat as she's just so damn cute and snuggly and not to mention the fact that at the ripe age of 29 months she has yet to sleep through and it's so much easier to just leave her snaffling for boob then it would be to brave the cold and have to actually go into a different room to settle her. Besides, The Husband is far too prickly and The Toddler smells a lot better and never steals the duvet. I should imagine if The Husband see's sense and grants me with another baby then I may see fit to evict The Toddler slightly quicker. However, The Toddler does actually seem to adore her room (sans bed, which is in my room) as it's pink and 'hers' and is a real novelty to play in (as demonstrated by making me play in there for a whole hour today)

The Toddler is becoming more like a grown up each day, she took dr suess 'one fish two fish' to read on the toilet yesterday (apparantly Potty's are soooo passé).

Tonight was parents evening for The Child, and his teacher (avec baby-bump) couldn't praise him enough, but then we already knew he was brilliant. Must say I'm enormously impressed at how she managed to heap so much praise onto him whilst he and The Toddler were running around the classroom like they were on speed (I'm becoming suspicious of bananas, I'm sure they're sneaking E-Numbers into them)

Oh Arse. It's still not the weekend.


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