Monday, 2 February 2009

In a previous life, BC (before children) I had what is called a gutter mouth insofar as to say I swore, somewhat incessantly to a point where when The Husband was just the mere Boyfriend, he thought I had tourettes. Oh how sweet it is then when The Toddler says to me 'You're a Tosser' (yes really, out of the mouths of babes) that it was a direct copy of what her dad had just said to me.

I'm also not convinced that him saying 'Oh Shit' and then making out he actually said 'Oh Ship' is quite cutting it with The Child who has now taken to muttering 'Oh Shit' to himself when something doesn't go his way.

However, it is charmingly good fun seeing The (heathen) Child offend old ladies with his dramatic outbursts of 'Oh.MY.God'

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  1. Brilliant. My little one just recently started saying "bugger".


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