Baby it's cold outside

Monday, 2 February 2009

Oh Buggerfuck. We have snow and yet not entirely enough snow to actually be useful and pretty. I mean if it has to snow surely it could have the decency to snow enough to obliterate the daily ins and outs as we know it? I mean come on! We're 'up norf' and yet our southern counterparts are the ones with the decent snow. Oh snow, please reconsider, this is sheer lunacy. I'm here and waiting high up in the hills waiting for you to blanket us and all you can do is 'drizzle' a wee bit of snow. The Southerners don't even know what to do with it for heavens sake!

I'm becoming hideously addicted to Twitter at the moment, it's a fabulous way of stalking the rich and famous, not that I do that of course, honest. Brownie honour.

The Husband has now expanded his 'No More Children' repertoire to include no more cats or dogs either. Grumpy Bastard! However, I shall have my wicked way, don't you fear.

It's now February and I'm still ill and The Toddler (previously known as The Baby) still has slug like greenies crawling down her nose, delightful it is not.

Had I been a good Mummy I'd get my lardy arse off of here and dress her up and take her for a trundle through the snow however I'm fiendishly lazy and I'm sure she thinks the TV is 'mummy'. Besides it's all a bit too much effort.

Operation 'stop being a fat bastard' isn't going too well, well it isn't actually 'going' at all. If i could just stop eating all the time, I may actually reclaim long lost slimness.

Now where's the biscuits....


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