Snow Day

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

School is closed due to snow. Oh Arse. how utterly unthoughtful of them to lumber parents with manic 4 year olds on a school day.

We then had a delightful two mile round trip on foot in the thick snow to the doctor's only to find out that there is only one doctor working today and she wasn't even in yet as she was stuck in snow traffic and there were five people before me. Oh double arse. So we canceled and trekked all the way home again with The Child whining that his Tummy Hurts. His tummy always hurts. I can sympathise though, life makes my tummy hurt too.

The baby's buggy is not made for snow so thankfully The Husband struggled terrifically with it as opposed to me having to do it. The Baby thought it was hilarious, have to say I thoroughly agree. It's always good fun to watch one's husband struggle. Oh and I swear it wasn't me that threw a snowball down his neck. Honest.


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