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Friday, 5 December 2008

I must admit I think school for 4 year olds is quite horrific for parents. The school get your child every morning and keep them until mid afternoon where they then hand you back a Gremlin, Lord only knows what they actually do with your charming and gorgeous child that you entrusted them with.

So tonight the precocious little Gremlin aka The Child who was rampantly overtired decided to throw severe screaming ducky fits at the TV as he was having his evening 'treat' of being allowed to play on the gamescube whilst his bath was running. Usually it winds him down, The Husband will join in with him and they have a chatter and giggle. The Child is terminally competative, hideously so just like The Husband.

Having had three 'calm down now' warning The Husband turned off the games cube. The Child smugly turned it back on. The Husband turned off the TV. The Child kicked the tv. Yes, he bloody kicked the TV. Crikey, one Rock Star in the house is quite enough thankyou without a complimentary mini-one. There was an awkward second where myself and The Husband gawked in suspended disbelief trying hard not to laugh at the quite frankly sheer absurdity of it. Needless to say The Child was put in his room. Now he's pushed me, shoved me, hit me and kicked me but i'm sorry, how every dare he abuse the TV! The sheer cheek of it. Honestly. Children today....


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