Potty Antics

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Baby has decided to show some interest in the potty so is currently running around trouserless, I'm surprised her bum isn't blue, it's that cold. And we have the heating on. We always have the heating on. Sorry Dad.

I have declared that for every wee that goes in the actual potty she will get a sticker and when she has ten stickers she can have a present.

Apparently she wants "Spiderman Underpants" just like her brother has. Damn. What will I do with the "Dora" knickers I have for her upstairs?

So the delightfully cunning and clever little sod has decided that rather then do long wee's she will split each wee up into several short wee's in a short space of time, thus gaining maximum sticker collection. Bugger.

Foiled by a two year old. Again.


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